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With this course, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to tracking your food. If you have never done it before, there is a lot of really important information you should know before you start. The point of food tracking is to be accurate and if you’re not doing it properly, you will not get the results you want.


This course will teach you:

-How to track your food properly

-How to log your food the right way (using MFP)

- How to calculate your maintenance calories

-All the tips and tricks you need to know about food tracking 


Why Track Your food?

1- Increases food awareness which helps you become a more mindful eater.

2- Helps make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and are eating for the goals you have.

3- It's accurate. By tracking with an app and using a food scale, you are not guessing what your intake is so your progress is efficient and measurable.


Nutrition 100% matters if you have an aesthetic goal or want to lose weight. You can make some progress with only exercise. You can make some progress with only nutrition. Combining the two and being consistent is the secret sauce to amazing results, there is no way around it. Think of it this way.. 

Exercise instructs the body on what to do (build muscle, move fast, move more efficiently