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JessCFit personal training specializes in helping women over 30 look, feel & function at their best while building a sustainable lifestyle that they love.

I will meet you where you are at to slowly implement lifestyle changes that feel natural. I do not believe in quick fixes and wasting valuable client time on fads and gimmicks.


Learn sustainable fat loss without feeling restricted.

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Jessica Cazes

Owner  I  CSEP-CPT




I have been lucky enough to be trained by JessCfit. Her knowledge, understanding and motivation is exactly what I needed to make a change in my life. I have started to notice significant difference in my body, my strength, and overall health. And that's only 1 month in my journey with JessCfit. I highly recommend JessCfit for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. She will do whatever she needs to do to ensure you reach your goals. If your looking for a trainer that will go above and beyond . She is the one.


Well, here I am. Over 50 and the scale is going higher and higher. I will admit it, I had old-school mindset on how to lose weight. Despite my efforts at calorie counting and doing cardio 3-4 times a week, the weight was not coming off.


I came across Jessica’s website and liked what I read. I was even more impressed after our first consultation. She asked questions that made me really think hard about what I wanted to accomplish

and why.

Jessica taught me an entirely different way of thinking about nutrition and exercise. She shared her knowledge, skills, and a lot of encouragement throughout each phase of the program.

I felt that every aspect of my nutrition and fitness journey was covered. I was continuously amazed with the process and results. Jessica has a true passion for coaching, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Jessica is great, I did tandem training and our class was very good even though my partner and I were at different levels. I am 61 (not old) and haven’t exercised or trained with weights in a long time but Jess knows her stuff and had me back at it quickly, she pushes you beyond what you think your capable of and gets you doing it. Definitely recommend her for any level, I’m waiting for a new partner for tandem!

Why Choose Me?

  • Experience- I have 6+ years of personal training experience under my belt.

  • Education- I dedicated years of my life and thousands of dollars to get the best education (Kinesiology diploma & CSEP) so I can provide the most effective training instead of taking a short cut (2 day personal training course) to obtain my certification.​

  • Passion- I’m passionate about health and fitness so I continue to learn on my own time. This also helps me stay up to date on the latest information and techniques. 

  • Sustainability- Before my education and experience, I used to think that in order to get the results I wanted, I would need to sacrifice everything enjoyable in life and workout hard 6-7 days a week. Through education and experience, I have learned that unsustainable methods = unsustainable results. It's absolutely possible to live a healthy life while still enjoying yourself.​

  • Lifestyle & Habits- The gym is not the only place results are built. Your lifestyle and habits dictate your health and future outcomes. I don't want to just help people reach a goal, I want to help people create a lifestyle that they can maintain. Instead of just providing my sessions, I have taken things a step further and created a program that includes everything a client will need in order to be successful in their health and fitness journeys.

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“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to take care of your illness”

I truly believe this statement. Yes you can still live a long life without physical activity but I would argue the quality of life you live and the experiences you have will become limited. Health is wealth. When you live an active lifestyle you are choosing to better yourself and your quality of life.


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Located in Prince George, B.C.

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