Nutrition Guide

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This guide includes everything you need to know in order to successful coach yourself to reach your nutritional goals. Learn everything from what macronutrients and micronutrients are, what role carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals actually play in our diets. Why consuming fiber, veggies and having variety in our diets is so important and more! 

Here is a break down of the guide: You will get 23 PDF's plus 2 free bonuses! 

Flexible dieting guide

Setting your numbers

Adjusting for fat loss and muscle gain

Using a food scale (tips & tricks)

Meal prep/planner mini guide including 4 macro PDF's:

( Fat sheet, Carb sheet, Protein sheet, Fiber sheet )

Basic nutrition


Sleep the foundation of health


Tracking alcohol 

Tracking at a restaurant

Travel tips and food suggestions

Post vacation

Understanding the scale

Stopping the struggle

Reverse dieting, why and how to implement it

Transition to mindful eating

Addressing emotional eating (bonus)

Weight loss guide (bonus)

Sample protein plan (animal based)

Sample protein plan (plant based)

This is for you if:

  • You don’t need the accountability of a coach 

  • You learn best in a self-paced setting

  • You want to learn basic nutrition delivered in an easy-to-digest format

  • You want to learn what flexible dieting is + how I implement it with my clients

  • You want to learn how to set your maintenance macros (2 different methods)

  • You want to learn how to adjust your macros for fat loss or muscle gain

  • You want to learn how to reverse diet if you’ve been under-eating for too long or want to eat more calories while minimizing weight gain

  • You want to learn how to transition away from tracking macros and implement a mindful eating approach

Included Extras:

​2 free bonus PDF's (Weight Loss Guide & Addressing Emotional Eating). Free updates as new research becomes available. I plan on adding more content and information over time to help you succeed in the long-term!


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