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I want you to know that what ever level you're starting at, what ever goal you have, I can get you there. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle it can happen. If you are willing to put the effort in and use the tools given to you, YOU WILL get the RESULTS you are after.


My job is to guide you through the steps you need to take to reach your goal. You are the one that needs to decide if you are ready and if you want to reach your goal.


Ask yourself: -Do you have a goal? -Are you ready to reach it? -What are you waiting for?


What to know:

-The process is not miserable

 -The process is not starving yourself

 -The process is not a magic pill, cleanse, shake, or workout device on TV

-The process is achievable, no-restrictive and proven by science to be effective and works for anyone who puts the effort in.


"If your looking for someone to go above and beyond what most trainers do boot with Jessica you won’t be sorry. She has helped me Lose nearly 125pounds in a little over a year. She designed a work out program that was perfectly tailored to my needs as a guy that worked in camp. Even after I had to stop working with her because I moved she kept checking on my progress and even went so far as to send an updated work out plan for me. Can’t say enough good stuff about this lady"


"Jessica is worth every cent. She got me started with proper technique. Then she even gave me guidance on nutrition to help boost my results. Thanks again Jessica."


"I hired Jessica to help me lose weight and also to teach me proper form and technique with the gym equipment. She’s a great teacher and knows her stuff and will make sure that you progress. She was always prepared with a workout for our sessions and at the end of the contract she supplied me with a month’s worth of exercise programs that I can use over again. I will call on her again in the future and recommend her for your fitness needs."​

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