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Tandem training is a fun, motivating, and rewarding experience that will help you kick off your fitness journey!


It helps keep you and your partner more accountable to each other, and helps you both stay on track.


My focus with clients is on weight training as it's essential to changing your body shape, increasing your metabolism, building strength, stamina, and endurance.

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Reach Any Goal



Whether you and your partner are at different fitness levels or not, tandem training works for whatever goals you have – lose fat, gain muscle, or just becoming a stronger you, I can help guide, and teach you how to train effectively, efficiently, and safely. I educate you well during the process so you feel confident, and not intimidated by the gym atmosphere.

Sessions are always productive and progressive. You will learn various types of exercises, reps and sets, mobility, stretching, technique and possible variations.

You will spend LESS time in the gym, yet transform your body better than ever before. You achieve your health and fitness goals in a way that is maintainable long term. By training safely, you reduce the risk of injury, helping you keep on top of your fitness goals. You will have continuous support, and accountability on the go.


(1 hour/session)



(1 hour/session)


1x Week 
2x Week 



1 Session

(1x) week min.

Guided warm up, workout, & cool down.

Form feedback

Weekly /bi-weekly


Access to client content/


Unlimited trainer support via text/email.

Fitness Wear

Personal Training

Reach your goals faster!

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Macro Coaching

Get the most out of your training.

Practicing Yoga

Online Coaching

Get a customized program.

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