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This 6 week program has been specifically designed for those who are just starting to lift weights or are trying to get back to a workout routine after a long break from exercise.


This program starts small by slowly increasing the number of workout days per week throughout the program. This helps to gradually introduce your body to weight lifting and jumpstart your fitness journey. 


This is for you if:

1- You are a beginner just starting to lift weights or you are returning to the gym after a long break.


2- You want gradually let your body adapt to a program.


3- You want to adjust to a sustainable routine.



  • Weight training progressive program for beginners

  • Full body workouts

  • Mobility based warm ups

  • Core exercises & light cardio

  • Cool down


Equipment needed:

  • Dumbbells

  • Yoga matt (optional)


Your program will include video demonstrations & instruction.


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