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JessCFit personal training strives to support healthy living through balanced sustainable methods. We do not believe in quick fixes and wasting valuable client time on fads and gimmicks.


Our goal is to educate, encourage and support you through the process. We do this through creating routines using evidenced based training that matches your specific goals and lifestyle. We will meet you where you are at to slowly implement lifestyle changes that feel natural.


Whether you have an injury, are just starting out, are looking to lose weight, build muscle and strength, or even just change up your routine, we help you get the results you want safely and effectively.

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1:1 Personal Training


1:1 in-person coaching is a great way to get in quality workouts and learn how to feel good form by enhancing the mind-muscle connection.


You will feel stronger and more confident in the gym atmosphere by doing the right exercises for your goals.

Macro Coaching


Learn how to adapt your current diet habits using flexible dieting methods to reach your goals safely and effectively.


Our goal is for clients to establish a lifelong healthy relationship with food by understanding it, not running away from it.

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Workout Programs


An online training program is an affordable way to keep on top of your fitness goals, on your own schedule and is great for those who are looking to have a solid training plan, continuous support, and accountability on the go.


Includes: A fully customized structured workout/mobility program (any adjustments needed are included), workout reminders, video demos, form analysis, weekly client/accountability check-ins, access to exclusive CLIENT ONLY content and unlimited Trainer support via text and/or email.


If you want to feel like your training program is made for you, not the other way around, then this is the place to start.

Jessica Cazes

Owner  I  CSEP-CPT


My name is Jessica Cazes, I started my personal training business in 2017 after graduating the Kinesiology program with my diploma and finishing my personal training certification course through CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology).

My journey started early on when I discovered my passion for health and fitness during high school. I always found it interesting that people could change the way their body looked and felt through exercise. When I started to exercise, I started to notice I had a strange urge to share that with others and I wanted to show other people how to do it properly. I figured since I wanted to show people how to exercise, the obvious match for a career choice was a personal trainer. ⁣⁣

⁣After high school I decided to take a university level Kinesiology program to equip me with the best certification for my career choice so I could help people be successful and filter out all the misinformation in the industry. ⁣⁣Throughout the program, I learned a lot. There were things that really stood out to me, like all the diseases and health complications that were related to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Learning all that was something that really drove me and it transformed my health and fitness interests into a passion.⁣⁣

Personal Trainer

Client Testimonials



I have been lucky enough to be trained by JessCfit. Her knowledge, understanding and motivation is exactly what I needed to make a change in my life. I have started to notice significant difference in my body, my strength, and overall health. And that's only 1 month in my journey with JessCfit. I highly recommend JessCfit for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. She will do whatever she needs to do to ensure you reach your goals. If your looking for a trainer that will go above and beyond . She is the one.


Jessica is great, I did tandem training and our class was very good even though my partner and I were at different levels. I am 61 (not old) and haven’t exercised or trained with weights in a long time but Jess knows her stuff and had me back at it quickly, she pushes you beyond what you think your capable of and gets you doing it. Definitely recommend her for any level, I’m waiting for a new partner for tandem!


"I hired Jessica to help me lose weight and also to teach me proper form and technique with the gym equipment. She’s a great teacher and knows her stuff and will make sure that you progress. She was always prepared with a workout for our sessions and at the end of the contract she supplied me with a month’s worth of exercise programs that I can use over again. I will call on her again in the future and recommend her for your fitness needs."​


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