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Flexibility VS. Mobility What Is The Difference?

Flexibility is where you can stretch a muscles to with assistance.

See video below for an example.

Mobility is where you can move through a range of motion you control.

See video below for an example.

Why Is Flexibility Important

Flexibility is important because it helps to improve the way your body feels and functions in day to day life as well as improve your form in your workouts. Having some flexibility can help to decrease your risk of injuries as it allows your joints move through their full range of motion.

Why Is Mobility Important

Mobility goes together with flexibility but it's not the same thing. They have similar benefits but mobility is more active stretching focused. Just because you are flexible doesn't mean you have the mobility to move through the range of motion. It's important because if we can control a range of motion, we also have the proper stability to complete the movement which is much better than being flexible without stability. If you're hyperflexible, you will be more prone to injury because you lack the ability to control your movements well.

In conclusion, Both flexibility and mobility are important. They should both have a place in your fitness routine. In order for our bodies to function optimally and feel good, we need to make sure we do not neglect either. It helps improve our form for our workouts, reduces aches and pains, and helps us move the way our bodies were made to.

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