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Women Training Outdoors


  • Reach your goals faster

  • Do the right exercises for your body & goals

  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury. 

My focus with clients is on weight training as it's essential to changing your body shape, increasing your metabolism, building strength, stamina, and endurance.


Get 4 weeks of FREE nutrition coaching when your sign up for 1 month of (1:1) personal training.

(minimum of 4 sessions)

ENDS March 1st

 Progress starts HERE

Training Availability
(6:00am-12:00pm Monday-Friday)

1:1 Personal Training

(1 hour/session)= $80.00
30 min/session)= $45.00

Personal training is a great way to get in quality focused workouts that help you reach your goals faster!


Tandem Training

(1 hour/session)= $55/person

Tandem training is a fun, motivating, and rewarding experience that will help you kick off your fitness journey!

Hybrid Training

(1 hour/session)= $240/m

A mix of in person & online.

Get a 1 hour personal training session &
A fully customized
online program every 4 weeks. 

Fit For Life Program

(12 weeks)

This is not just a session by session basis, it's more.

Make the most progress here.

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Accountability

  • Reach results faster

  • Do the right exercise for your goals.

  • Reduce the risk of injury by using correct form.

  • Learn everything you need to do in the gym and feel confident doing it.

  • Get all of your fitness questions answered by a professional.


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